Brownies and Blondies
Secrets for perfect Brownies and Blondies
Uniform Baking

Spread your brownie batter evenly for uniform baking, thickness and texture.

Hand mixing brownies

We always recommend hand-mixing your brownies. Never use an electric mixer.

Reduce clean-up time

Cut down on baking pan clean-up. Butter your brownie pan and line with baking paper. Your cooled brownies will lift right out and be easy to cut into uniform squares.

No-crumble brownies

To prevent crumbling, cool your brownies completely before you cut them into squares, unless the recipe states otherwise.

Undercooked brownies

If you’ve accidentally undercooked your brownies, don’t throw them away!  Put them in the freezer and serve them ice-cold.


To freeze, wrap brownies in heavy foil or an airtight container.  Best if used within two weeks.


Refrigerate brownies, stored in an airtight plastic container.  Blondies should be stored at room temperature.

Moist chewy brownies

Over-baking can cause your brownies to become hard and dry. Under-baking will leave them raw and runny in the center.  Follow the recommended baking time listed in the recipe to keep your brownies moist and chewy.   Brownies are done when the center has completely risen – then remove it immediately or they will be hard and dry.

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