Our Passion
"Baking makes you happy!"
"I grew up watching my mother in the kitchen. Americans love to bake: cakes, cupcakes, brownies, a zillion different kinds of cookies. We scour cookbooks, magazines, blogs, and websites constantly on the lookout for the next great recipe." antoinettelaughing
Pavanne Veltman, Antoinette’s co-founder, came up with the idea for a top-notch baking mix brand while living in Holland. When she moved there in 1996, she was shocked to find how little Dutch supermarkets had to offer in this area. The American-style cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies she baked for friends, catering clients, and restaurants were in such high demand, that she began making her own mixes in order to save time.

"I was happy to bake for everyone, but I wanted to share more. I want people to know the pride and satisfaction of baking a delicious cake. I want parents to take time out of their busy schedules and spend a cozy hour in the kitchen baking with their kids. Because something you’ve cooked yourself, something you’ve made with love, will always taste better than something you bought at a bakery."

Photo credit: Angelina Padilla Photography
She then met Brigitte Martens. They decided to team up and bake Antoinette into more than just a kitchen counter dream. An avid foodie and astute businesswoman, Brigitte shared Pavanne’s talent and passion for cooking. They personally created a line of American-style baking mixes, using only the best ingredients and no artificial additives, colorings, or flavorings. "Just because you’ve bought a baking mix, that doesn’t mean your cakes and cookies have to taste like the box they came in!"
They wanted to be sure their mixes were easy enough to be used by a child, or inexperienced cook, and still turn out delicious every time. "We didn’t want to make those ‘just add water’ mixes full of dehydrated powdered ingredients. Our recipes call for real milk, eggs, and butter. That makes all the difference in the world and we hope everyone will agree!"